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Reviewer: J.D.
From: gatesville, Texas, United States
Date: 10/08/2015
Rider Height: 5' 8"
Rider Weight: 190
Miles/Hours: 150 miles
Overall Rating:
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2008 American Lifan LF110GY-3

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-- Nice Bike - Performs Well --
I like this little bike but it does have a couple things. I agree with what the previous reviewer said with some to add. I only go 20 mph. on stock gearing but I do baby mine. The first gear is very low. We have a pretty steep hill that my 110 lb. wife goes up in third gear! New sprockets are definitely in order. The range, like the trail 70, is only 25 miles with a full tank! You will feel the steel of the seat pan quick and it's not just me but my wife, too. So high density foam for the seat would be nice. Other than that, we modified this pretty easy (see you tube) and it performs well.
Trail 70 skid plate and trail 70 engine oil cooler with fan attaches to it, bolts right on and works great. K&N air filter carburetor jetted for much better performance. Oil temperature gauge (temperature 70 Celsius even up hill) in place of an oil dip stick works great. Rear passenger foot pegs homemade. Exhaust and sprockets/chain later.

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